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Community Bridges Rapid Rehousing


HOM contracts with Community Bridges to administer two of the three core components of their Rapid Rehousing program:

Housing Identification

  • Recruit landlords to provide housing opportunities for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
  • Address potential barriers to landlord participation such as concern about short term nature of rental assistance and tenant qualifications.
  • Assist households to find and secure appropriate rental housing.

Rent and Move-in Assistance 

  • Provide assistance to cover move-in costs, deposits, and the rental and/or utility assistance necessary to allow individuals and families to move immediately out of homelessness and to stabilize in permanent housing.

This program focuses primarily on individuals utilizing low-demand shelter services in Maricopa County.

Individuals receive short to medium-term rental assistance and housing stability case management to help quickly end their homelessness.   Eligible applicants secure dwelling units in the community that meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and whose rents are determined to be reasonable in comparison to similar units that do not receive assistance. Participants sign a lease with a private landlord in the community and receive rental assistance while they work toward independence and stability. Funds are used to pay for rental assistance, security deposits, and utility costs.


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