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Community Bridges Supportive Housing Programs

HOM operates permanent supportive housing programs on behalf of Community Bridges for 75 individuals and family households experiencing chronic homelessness. These programs serve households throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area in a scattered site, tenant based rental assistance model, funded through HUD Continuum of Care grants.

Eligible applicants secure dwelling units in the community that meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and whose rents are determined to be reasonable in comparison to similar units that do not receive assistance. Participants contribute 30% of their adjusted monthly income towards the cost of their rent and utilities. The programs utilize the HUD-published Fair Market Rents (FMR) as the payment standard for calculating subsidy for the household.

Each participant in the program also receives supportive services from Community Bridges. Community Bridges Navigators provide the necessary support and intervention for program participants to assist them in successfully living and integrating into their community. Households are able to benefit from the vast network of community partners that Community Bridges has developed through their years of service.

HOM has been in business since 1994 and has had tremendous success in managing rental assistance programs. HOM has developed relationships with an expansive network of landlords that welcome participants benefiting from housing programs managed by HOM. In the short time that HOM has managed this program, we have a 100% lease-up rate with an average time of 30 days from entrance into the program to contract execution.



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