Landlord Information

HOM values our established and trusted relationships with landlords who provide housing for our clients.

As a partnering landlord, you can count on ongoing communication so you have a personal contact if there is ever a situation that needs to be addressed.

HOM also provides a Landlord Courtesy Listing so you can market your property or individual unit(s) directly to our clients. This listing is shared with newly admitted program participants and existing participants looking to transfer to a new residence.

Click here to complete our Landlord Courtesy Listing submission.
Click here for our current Landlord Courtesy Listing Report.

For information about the housing programs we operate, use the drop down menu.

Please feel free to contact our office or the appropriate Housing Specialist listed below if you have questions or want additional information.

The following forms are used in the Supportive Housing programs and Mainstream Section 8 program. Many of the forms are fillable in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word. If you have questions on any of these forms, please contact our office.

Request for Tenancy Approval

Lease Violation Form

Lead Warning Statement

Damage Claim/Vacancy Loss Worksheet

HOM Request for Tax Payer ID Landlord HQS Tip Sheet
Direct Deposit
Authorization Form


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