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Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

Permanent Supportive Housing is a combination of housing and services designed for people with serious mental illnesses or other disabilities who need support to live stably in their communities. These services can include case management, substance abuse or mental health counseling, advocacy, and assistance in locating and maintaining employment. Permanent Supportive Housing is a proven solution for people who have experienced chronic homelessness as well as other people with disabilities, including people leaving institutional and restrictive settings (USICH Fact Sheet).

There are two primary models of Permanent Supportive Housing: single-site project based assistance and scattered-site tenant based rental assistance.  HOM’s primary expertise is in the administration of scattered-site tenant based rental assistance for Permanent Supportive Housing programs.

HOM’s Role

HOM contracts with non-profit partners to provide rental assistance administration and related program operations for their Permanent Supportive Housing programs.  The package of services typically include:

  • Determine initial income eligibility for new program applicants
    • Non-profit supportive service organization partners determine eligibility for homeless status and any other program-specific eligibility criteria
  • Conduct program orientations or briefings for new program participants
  • Issue voucher or “Ticket” for housing assistance and housing search assistance
  • Approve requests for tenancy approval
  • Perform gross rent calculations and determination of rent eligibility (Fair Market Rents)
  • Perform rent reasonableness determinations
  • Conduct Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections
  • Facilitate lease execution between tenants and landlords
  • Execute Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contracts with landlords
  • Pay application fees, refundable security deposits and other required fees for move-ins
  • Assist participants with turning on any required utilities and pay required utility deposits
  • Calculate Tenant Rent (30% of tenant’s adjusted monthly income) and Housing Assistance Payment (HAP)
  • Monthly payment of HAP to landlords via direct deposit with e-mail of payment itemization
  • Act as liaison between landlord, tenant and supportive services providers for tenancy-related issues
    • Service provider partners provide client-centered, wrap –around supportive services to tenants in their homes and in the community
  • Perform interim and annual re-certifications of program participants’ eligibility and ongoing assistance levels
  • Perform annual and special HQS inspections for all program participants
  • Assist tenants in renewing leases annually or providing written notices to vacate to landlords
  • Perform move-out inspections at the end of all assisted tenancies
  • Process and pay landlord claims for reimbursement for move-out charges/damages and/or vacancy loss
  • Process program terminations

Current Partners and Programs

See a list of our current partners and their Permanent Supportive Housing programs here.  If you are interested in learning more about partnering with HOM, please contact Michael Shore.

If you are a Landlord and would like a deeper dive into the program operations and requirements, visit our Landlord page where you’ll find a detailed overview of the programs, fillable electronic forms and a form to add your property to our Landlord Courtesy Listing.

Current participants in these programs can visit the Resident page for details on program participation, fillable electronic forms and our Landlord Courtesy Listing for housing search assistance.


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