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Innovative Solutions to End Homelessness

Why HOM?

There is only one cure for homelessness.  Just one.  HOUSING.  We like to think we're pretty good at operating permanent housing programs for individuals and families who are working with us and our partners to END their homelessness.  Our core area of expertise is the administration and management of tenant based rental assistance - in Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and Rapid Rehousing (RRH) models - both with a Housing First approach.  We excel at getting people housed efficiently and effectively, all while providing unparalleled customer service to our program participants, landlords and service provider partners. 

Many people refer to us as a "private, special needs housing authority," and that's not a bad description.  Think of a state-of-the-art Section 8 program with brilliant customer service - that's us.  We love what we do and we're driven to perform.  We share your vision that ending homelessness is possible, and we are uniquely qualified to partner with you to achieve it.

  • We are experts in the housing programs needed to support your mission.
    With extensive experience since 1994, we know how to manage programs in compliance with public and private regulations and requirements. We're practitioners first, but also take a systems-level view and understand how your programs fit within the broader community effort.  We employ best and promising practices, assist with program design and evaluation, and nail the regulatory compliance to enable you to focus on supporting your clients in housing.
  • Customer service comes first.
    Our team is passionate about customer service.  We genuinely care about our program participants and forge strong relationships built on trust, recovery, dignity and respect. We have multiple customers - internally and externally.  We go to great lengths to take care of all of them: participants, landlords, service providers, and you as the client.  You won't find a team more responsive to your needs who will bend over backwards to over-deliver.
  • HOM is a true partner.
    We're in this together.  We specialize and excel at coordinating with all of the players at the table to ensure success.  That means a constant line of communication, a transparent feedback loop and evaluating where quality improvement is needed in the programs that we administer.  We're not just one arm of the operation - we understand the interdependent roles of all of the partners and work strategically and tactically to achieve superior outcomes with you.

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