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Need Housing Assistance?

HOM, Inc., operates housing assistance programs in partnership with several public and non-profit partners that serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  In order to access these programs, applicants must be referred to HOM, Inc., by these partner agencies. 

If you are currently experiencing homelessness and are seeking shelter or other assistance, please contact the appropriate access point below.

 (with Dependent Children)
 (No Dependent Children)
 (with or without Dependent Children)

 3307 East Van Buren Street, Phoenix

 Human Services Campus Welcome Center
 12th Avenue and Madison, Phoenix

 VA - Community Resource
 & Referral Center (CRRC)

 1500 E Thomas Ave, Suite 106, Phoenix



Other Housing Resources:
The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is a federal housing assistance program.  There are multiple programs in the valley, each operated by a different Public Housing Authority (PHA).  Some PHAs also operate conventional public housing.  A list of Arizona PHAs and their contact information is available here.

You can also search for affordable apartments at the following web sites: hud.gov and socialserve.com

Other Assistance and Community Resources:

Please contact:


3829 North 3rd Street Suite 101 • Phoenix, AZ 85012 • Ph: 602.265.4640 • 1.877.HOMINC1 • fax: 602.265.4680

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