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Phoenix HUD-VASH Program


HOM contracts with the City of Phoenix Housing Department to provide lease-up services for its HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program, which provides housing choice vouchers to homeless Veterans.

For this contract, HOM receives referrals of eligible Veterans from the Phoenix VA and determines eligibility, conducts program briefings, and issues vouchers to Veterans in the program. HOM Housing Specialists assist Veterans with their housing search, leveraging our relationships with Landlords in the community to ensure that vouchers are fully utilized.  HOM completes the lease-up process; approving assisted tenancy, determining rent reasonableness, performing initial HQS inspections and facilitating lease execution prior to Housing Assistance Payments Contract execution by the Housing Department.


HOM was initially awarded the contract in January 2012 to provide lease-up services for 150 veterans. HOM successfully leased up all 150 HUD-VASH vouchers in a period of approximately 120 days with an average processing time of 34 days from receipt of referral to HAP Contract execution. Based on the success of this contract, HOM was awarded subsequent contracts in 2013 to provide lease-up services for an additional 200 newly allocated HUD-VASH vouchers and also provides lease-up services for all "turnover" HUD-VASH vouchers in Phoenix.

HOM works closely in this program with VA Case Managers and other community-based organizations to support these Veterans in returning home.  HOM has been a proud partner in the Project H3 Vets initiative which seeks to use HUD-VASH vouchers to serve chronically homeless veterans that might otherwise miss the opportunity to connect to these valuable services.


HUD and the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness have both recognized the contracting of lease-up services to HOM as a best practice:


HUD-VASH Best Practices - Version 1.0 - April 2012

USICH Report to Congress on Homeless Veterans - December 2012


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