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Transition in Place Program

HOM partners with the Arizona Department of Veterans Services and Arizona Veterans Supportive Services to assist Arizona Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF/OIF) to secure and maintain affordable, decent, and safe housing in our community. HOM firmly believes that no Veteran should experience homelessness.

The Transition in Place (TIP) program is funded through the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund and assists Arizona Veterans. The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund is designed to help Veterans and family members of Veterans that have been injured or killed while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Transition in Place (TIP) program assists eligible Veterans in the payment of rental application fees, security deposits, and six months of rental assistance for rental units in the community. TIP provides our nation’s heroes housing stability while they transition into civilian life.

Veterans work with Community Bridges Navigators to find employment, apply for benefits, receive medical care, and work toward full self-sufficiency.  Navigators provide the necessary support and intervention for program participants to assist them in successfully living and integrating into their community.  Veterans are also able to benefit from the numerous services available to them through the Veterans Administration.

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