HOM Growth and Department Reorganization

We have experienced significant growth since the start of 2020. We’ve expanded operations with some existing partners and added some new housing program funding. As a result, we have a lot of new team members throughout the company and continue to recruit for key roles. Be sure to visit our Team Page for updated job and caseload assignments and contact information.

One change we want to highlight for our landlord partners is the split of the Owner Support Department. We’ve split the team into two smaller teams with distinct areas of specialty and responsibility.

Owner Support Department

The Owner Support Department focuses primarily on supporting our customers in using Padmission successfully.  Our Owner Support Specialists and Housing Location Specialists provide training and support to landlords to assist them in managing their properties in the app.  Additionally, this team processes all changes in ownership and/or management, manages the HAP direct deposit enrollment program, and processes lease renewals; which includes approving rent increases, determining rent reasonableness, negotiating lease terms and tracking all lease renewal processes to completion. This team consists of the Owner Support Supervisor, Trevor Thundershield, Owner Support Specialists, Peggy Mangum and Katlyn Taylor, and our Housing Location Specialist, Morris Young.  Any questions and/or notifications can be directed to their inbox at ownersupport@hominc.com.

Housing Inspections Department

The Housing Inspections Department focuses primarily on scheduling all inspections (initials, annuals, specials, home visits, etc.) for all HOM partners, processes damage and vacancy loss claims, and works with owners, landlords, and tenants on all inspection related matters.  The team consists of the Housing Inspections Supervisor, Zach Zachman, the Program Support Specialist, Shannon Greer, and the HQS Inspectors, Hosea Steele, Jarrod Brown, Jonathan Figueroa, Jonah Gerle and Monique Lenoir.  Any and all inquiries should be sent to our new inbox at inspectiondepartment@hominc.com.

Dedicated Service

We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable, professional, prompt and courteous team around. There’s nothing worse than needing assistance and dealing with someone who you can’t ever reach, doesn’t have the answers you need or doesn’t treat you as a valued partner. We love what we do, and we are committed to providing all our customers with an unparalleled experience in working with us. We’re not perfect, we get busy, and we have hard and bad days just like you. We show up every day, though, ready to work our tails off to get and keep people housed. We know we can’t do that without you, and we’re dedicated to partnering with you to make the promise of home a reality for everyone!

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