Safe, permanent and affordable housing is the platform for achieving our goals in life.  Successful outcomes in housing require a strong partnership between supportive services providers, participants and landlords and HOM. In some cases, we contract directly with the organizations that provide supportive services to our mutual clients.  In other cases, our relationship is by extension.  Achieving our common goal of housing stability for those we serve requires our commitment to the three C’s: COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION AND COOPERATION.  Following are some of the key ideas for each of these areas.


  • Stay in communication with us throughout participants’ experience in housing; from their initial briefing, housing search, lease-up and ongoing tenancy
  • Use our Team Page to contact Housing Specialists at their direct phone lines and email
  • Introduce yourself to your clients’ landlords and let them know how to reach you in the event of crises or situations requiring support
  • Let us know if/when you become aware of important information related to your clients’ housing participation; including changes in income, household composition, absences from their units or changes in status with your services programs affecting housing eligibility


  • Attend initial program briefings and assist your client in their housing search, including providing transportation assistance, if necessary
  • Assist your client in conversations with landlords, including applications for tenancy
  • Utilize supportive services or navigation services available to your clients


  • Assist your client in completing steps for initial and ongoing eligibility in the housing programs, including inspections and annual recertification appointments
  • Attend housing-related staffings when necessary to support your clients in housing stabilization
  • Be responsive to landlords’ concerns and perform home visits as appropriate for your clients in housing

There are a number of forms for yours and your clients’ use in the housing programs at the Forms Central page.  Our Team page is your resource for connecting with us.  The Housing Search page is where you will access Padmission to aid in your clients’ housing search.

We’re in this together and appreciate your support and partnership.  Together we are making futures brighter and communities stronger!