Housing Choice Vouchers

In 2014, the City of Phoenix approved creating a local preference in their Housing Choice Voucher program to provide 275 vouchers to households experiencing chronic homelessness.  These vouchers are paired with supportive services provided by various integrated behavioral health and homelessness organizations to create a permanent supportive housing intervention.  These vouchers are often referred to as the PSH 275 project. HOM contracts with the City of Phoenix Housing Department to provide “up-front” lease-up services for these Housing Choice Vouchers.

Unit Selection

Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher program are assisted in locating a dwelling unit of their choice in the community that meets program eligibility requirements. For the dwelling unit to be eligible in the program, the unit must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection. The rent for the unit must also be determined to be reasonable in comparison to other unassisted units similar in location, size, unit type, age, unit amenities and property facilities.

Rental Assistance

Participants in the programs are required to pay at least 30% of their adjusted monthly income towards the cost of rent and utilities. HOM calculates the participant’s portion of rent in accordance with applicable program guidelines. The remaining portion of the Contract Rent for the dwelling unit is subsidized by the program and is paid directly to the Landlord. The program participant is the leaseholder and the sole tenant for the dwelling unit.

Phoenix Housing Department Program Management

The Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract that provides rental assistance to HCV participants and their authorized family members is between the Phoenix Housing Department and landlords.  The Phoenix Housing Department manages the program following the lease-up and is responsible for making all monthly payments to the landlord. Participants are assisted for as long as they remain eligible for the assistance.