HOM – the Largest Administrator of Rapid Re-Housing Programs in the State of Arizona

Ashley is like the majority of Arizonans: while she has never had much money to speak of, she never would have thought her and her kids would become homeless. But, after losing her partner – the main breadwinner of the family – to illness, it was just a matter of time until medical and personal bills piled up. She found herself behind on rent and soon had an eviction letter on her door. Ashley and her family were desperately in need of help.
Ashley does not need a sobriety program or intensive case management to “fix her.” She simply needs assistance getting back on her feet: help finding a new place to live, money to cover move-in expenses, expert resume writing assistance, and help applying for community resources. That is where Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) comes in.

RRH programs assist veterans, young adults, families, and individuals with finding a new home, financial assistance, and case management services. Program participants are assisted in locating a unit of their choice in the community to rent with assistance in the program for upfront costs and ongoing monthly rental assistance.

Since 2011, HOM has partnered with multiple organizations throughout Arizona to house 3,785 households through RRH programs. A staggering 2,225 of the total number of households assisted has been since 2020.

Generally, participants exit shelter services three months faster than those who are not in the program. Once participants are back in housing, together with our partners’ case managers, they are in a better position to address other areas in their lives such as finding a job, tending to health issues, securing childcare, and other challenges that may have contributed to their homelessness to begin with.

Even in the volatile housing market of recent years, HOM and its partners continue guiding the programs’ success. Participants are assisted for as long as is necessary for them to become financially self-sufficient and able to afford rent with their own income. On average, RRH assistance lasts 6-9 months, but may extend up to 24 months (about 2 years). By rapidly moving people back into housing, the trauma of prolonged homelessness is reduced, and families can reconnect with community resources to support their long-term housing needs.

The success of the program involves significant collaboration and engagement of every level of leadership. Threshold Housing Location Specialists expand housing opportunities in the community by educating property owners and managers on the benefits – both societal and economic – of housing individuals with RRH assistance. Our property owner and manager partners understand the positive value our relationship has on the community. HOM Housing Inspectors ensure that rental units meet housing quality standards so that units are decent and safe places to live. Our Housing Specialists assist participants through the process and handle all the leasing and payment aspects of the program.

By partnering with HOM to perform the housing-related components of the program, our provider partners can focus on their core area of expertise: providing case management, supportive services, and help navigating the resources participants need to stay stably housed. By providing these personalized services, families and individuals are better equipped to achieve their long-term goals and improve their overall well-being.
Through our unique partnership model, HOM and its partners are building communities where the promise of home is a reality for everyone.

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