Arizona Statehood Day

As we observe Arizona Statehood Day on February 14, we recognize it not merely as a historical milestone marking our joining the Union, but as an occasion for reflection and a call to action. Beyond the awe-inspiring landscapes and profound history, Arizona stands as a diverse community with the potential to shape a future that is advantageous to all.

The strength of Arizona lies in its diversity, of its people, lands, cultures, and communities. It is imperative to acknowledge and safeguard this diversity for the sake of a resilient and inclusive tomorrow. We must actively support endeavors that play a crucial role in establishing housing stability and addressing homelessness. Across Arizona, public, nonprofit, and private partners work to provide affordable housing and services to those in need. Affordable housing developments and housing assistance programs are only possible with funding from federal, state, and local sources, including the Arizona Housing Trust Fund, HUD’s Continuum of Care Program, the Housing Choice Voucher Program, and many more.

The Arizona Housing Trust Fund plays a pivotal role in supporting initiatives for affordable housing. By advocating for ongoing and sustainable funding for this fund, we can play a role in ensuring that every individual in Arizona has access to secure and affordable housing. HOM is privileged to partner with many nonprofit agencies throughout Arizona operating housing programs, many of which have ongoing volunteer needs. Your support contributes to a compassionate and effective response to the housing challenges faced by our neighbors.

As we mark this significant day in Arizona’s history, let us unite in our dedication to building a state that embodies the values of diversity, community, and progress. Together, we can ensure that Arizona remains a symbol of prosperity and compassion for every Arizonan. Happy Statehood Day, Arizona!

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