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Signing Bonuses Available for Landlords to Participate in Rapid Rehousing Programs

Landlords participating in Rapid Rehousing programs may be eligible* to receive a signing bonus of up to one and a half times the monthly rent.

  • Must be a new landlord who has not worked with Rapid Rehousing before January 1, 2021; or
  • A landlord who uses modified tenant screening criteria either accepting applicants without income, with previous evictions, and/or criminal history that would previously lead to a denied application; or
  • A landlord willing to negotiate an affordable rent that is lower than the current market rate.

* Check with a HOM Housing Specialist about program eligibility


We believe individuals, families and communities are safer, healthier, and stronger when everyone has a home.  Unfortunately, our most vulnerable neighbors often lack stable and affordable housing in their communities.  This crisis can and must be solved.  We are dedicated to building communities where the promise of home is a reality for everyone.

HOM operates Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing programs for vulnerable individuals and families experiencing homelessness and housing instability.

With safe, stable, and affordable housing, futures are brighter, and communities are stronger

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The “Act” in Action: Fair Housing

This year’s National Fair Housing Month in April falls at a time of significant legal and advocacy events that will shape housing rights across the United States. One case has captured national attention: the City of Grants Pass, Oregon, versus Johnson, which is currently being heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. As this pivotal [...]

HOM Employee Appreciation

HOM stands out as a unique workforce where employees strive to serve clients in a truly impactful manner. The incredible team members at HOM bring their dedication, skills, and commitment to excellence as housing professionals. At the heart of HOM lies a group of individuals who are more than employees, they are passionate contributors [...]

Arizona Statehood Day

As we observe Arizona Statehood Day on February 14, we recognize it not merely as a historical milestone marking our joining the Union, but as an occasion for reflection and a call to action. Beyond the awe-inspiring landscapes and profound history, Arizona stands as a diverse community with the potential to shape a future [...]

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