Working with HOM Housing Programs Webinar

FREE training opportunity for property managers and landlords! 

WHAT:  Training webinar hosted by the Arizona Multihousing Association on how to work with HOM Housing Programs

WHERE:  AMA Registration:

WHO:  Open to ALL.  No need to be an AMA member to participate.

WHEN:  Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 10 AM

Housing vouchers are the single most effective tool in reducing homelessness and housing instability in communities, providing affordability for individuals and families and stable rental income for property managers. What if there was a private, for-profit real estate entity and long-time AMA member that operated housing voucher programs that reduced bureaucracy, sped up the process of inspections and payments and delivered excellent service to landlords and tenants alike? We already have this highly-sought after model in Arizona. HOM, Inc., operates Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing programs throughout Maricopa County for over 3,500 households. Increased investments in these housing programs as a result of the pandemic has led to a drastic need for rental units for households that need assistance. Attendees of this session will learn everything they need to know about successfully working with HOM, Inc., from the initial lease-up process; including required paperwork, inspection requirements, and payment of fees and deposits, to ongoing subsidy payments and tenancy support to risk mitigation funding for move-out charges post-tenancy. Be part of the solution to ending homelessness while achieving your lease-up and revenue goals at the same time.

Can’t make this training?  Share with your colleagues and help us get the word out.  If you’d like a more personal tough, don’t hesitate to schedule an orientation or refresher with one of our team members.

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